Kelvin Wangonya

Software Engineer

I’m currently working at Jenga as a backend developer for Artefact - a global data & AI consulting company.

My current day-to-day at work involves:

You can view my resume here to see more about my professional career so far.

Sometimes I write about stuff I’ve learned, personal projects, and anything else I find interesting.

Other times, I read. I’ve read a lot of books but I’ve never been keen on keeping a record. I decided to start keeping this record on 2023-08-14, so everything on that page is as from this date.

When I want to read something other than books, I like browsing the web - the old fashioned way (rss and whatnot). I keep a list of my favorite websites and articles here.

The fastest way to reach me is through email.

You may also be interested in viewing my Github and LinkedIn profiles.

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